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I’ve received several emails on how to pop a snake.  I wrote a “How To” on a forum a while back.  So I figured I’ll just post it on my website as another article. 

Popping a snake is very easy, but it does take practice to get them to pop quickly.

First you need to pick up the snake, support the body on your forearm or have someone hold it.

Then you place your thumb in a way that the tip of your thumb should be right at the snakes vent pointing towards the tail.

Then with the other hand place your thumb a little way past the mid point on the tail towards the tip.

With the thumb on the vent gently pull back putting light pressure, so that you open the vent slightly, while at the same time with the thumb on the tail roll your thumb at the same time putting pressure towards the vent. Keep in mind that both thumbs should be moving in unison.

When doing this once your thumb on the tail gets to the vent everything will pop out .if it doesn’t then re-roll again.

If you have a male and know for sure that it’s a male then you need to move your thumb on the tail more towards the tip of the tail and re-roll.  

Many people that don’t know how to pop think that you just put pressure on the tail while opening the vent and the hemi’s will pop out.  When you put pressure on the tail you are also putting pressure on the hemi’s, and that’s why they can’t pop out.

The key is to roll from mid point or slightly past mid point towards the tail, then you put the pressure and then you roll towards the vent. The hemi’s will pop out for sure. Practice a few times on one snake and then give that snake a break and move to another to practice.

Popping an adult is no different than popping a hatchling.  The adult does have more control, but you can get adult hemi’s to pop out the same.  Probing is a lot faster, and a more secure way of sexing. However since it’s so easy on hatchlings it’s the preferred method.

Practice makes perfect!

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